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How is it that the Siberian is non-allergic?

Hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian coat

Scientists have named the protein in the feline saliva, Fel d1. When the cat cleans itself, the protein then dries on the fur leaving dander. The dander particles are small and air filters cannot remove them from the air. The Siberian is void of the Fel d1 protein, therefore no dander. However if the allergic party suffers from the IgE late trigger' antibody reaction, their chances of compatibility of owning a Siberian are lowered.

Hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian coat have been noted and commented on for almost ten years. Siberians can be hypoallergenic to many allergy sufferers. Since females of all feline breeds produce lower levels of Fel d1, Breeders often suggest that allergic families adopt female cats. Many people believe that the breed produces less Fel d1, the primary allergen present on cats.[2]

In 1999 Indoor Biotechnologies tested the fur for four cats for Fel d1; a mixed breed, two Siberians, and an Abyssinian.[5] The results showed the Siberian and Abyssinian cat fur as having lower Fel d1 levels than the mixed breed cat.